About Us

Who We Are

The company Fconde develops its activity in the market segment of glass films Alcony brand, known in the Iberian market for the distribution of films for auto and for all types of glass. Fconde also focus on the market segment of tools, with the sale of prestigious brands of tools, such as the Ford Tools brand.

We believe in rigor, quality and know-how, these are the key factors for Fconde, based on experience and knowledge of the market with focus on monitoring customers, bet on a team with training so that we can advise and prescribe products based the suitability to customer needs, as well as compliance with legal requirements.

We provide our customers all a legal clarification on the use of standards, application and adaptability of our films, as well as the tools required for the proper functioning and implementation, so that the customer feels safe time to apply or acquire Fconde products, We bet on the variety of solutions available to customers, tailored to each situation.

In the automobile and tool industry, the know-how is a key feature, given that the professionals who operate are of utmost demand and wisdom, we are prepared to respond to this demand, and to provide the client with all information necessary for him to feel confident to buy products in Fconde.

Our Mission

Fconde appears on the market in order to innovate and develop products and services that are a reference to the market, both in the sector of power tools, with vast product solutions, as well as in the sector of automobile and housing films.

Knowledge of the market and monitoring of trends in this sector, allow Fconde to contribute to a joint growth of the company and its customers, this is our main mission.

Our Vision

Be a benchmark in the market, Fconde aims to strengthen its position in the domestic market and expand its activity in the market. Being a company recognized in the auto film industry and the electric tools sector in the domestic market and overseas market.

Our Values

Fconde recognizes the importance of quality for its products and services, and assumes a commitment:

Constant development in order to better respond to customer needs

Trust, commitment and readiness in service to its clients, as well as in meeting the customer's needs

Offer our customers the best solutions with regard to quality and product innovation

International Trade

FCONDE Ltd does not have limit of territories to which it sells its products to (country of Europe, North-Central and South America, Africa and the rest of the world). The customer can contact the Customer Service, and can send you an email with your order or request for clarification through the contact form on the site www.fconde.pt,

– Contact form – fconde.pt/contactos/
– Customer Line – +351234197066
– Email address – geral@fconde.pt

For international shipping, the customer may tell us the address and contact a freight forwarder in Portugal of your choice, and the shipping cost will be the cost of a shipment to an address in Portugal, as well as inform about their export destination address, being made a delivery budget to the address, and then the customer will be contacted to report on the value of the delivery.